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A bronze statue (tinged green by oxidation) of a man with partial limbs and a spear looks down at the stone ruins below.
Igor Mitoraj’s “Daedalus” sculpture at the Temple of Venus
A rough plaster cast of a person huddled with their hands near their face, surrounded by pottery organised on shelves.
A victim of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD, preserved by pyroclastic flows. The figure is a plaster cast of the cavity the unfortunate person left in the debris.
A bronze statue of a centaur with missing arms and half a head stands atop a brickwork pedestal. The figure has a spear and is green in colour.
“Centauro” by Igor Mitoraj was moved to Pompeii in 2016 as part of an exhibition of the late artist’s work. Before then, it lived on display at Canary Wharf, London.
Many tourists exploring the ruins of an ancient Roman street.
Via Stabiana had ancient shops and wine bars back in the day. Now it has sweaty tourist like us.
An ancient building with stone pillars, the first floor of which has partially collapsed. Tourists are taking photos and sheltering from the sun.
A lad takes a proud selfie at Pompeii’s Basilica