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Buildings line the sides of a large canal.
The view from Ponte di Rialto.
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A grand church decorated with religious images and gold mosaics.
Basilica di San Marco.
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A small bridge over a narrow canal, decorated with flowers.
A bridge just off Piazza San Marco.
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Open sea in the evening, littered with wooden posts.
The view of Venice across the water from Lido.
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A canal with small boats moored along the sides.
A canal in Cannaregio, north Venice.
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A narrow alleyway between two houses.
An alleyway in Cannaregio.
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A canal at night with giant stone hands protruding from the water.
Giant hands rising from the Canal Grande to support the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel. The sculpture by Italian-American artist Lorenzo Quinn comments on climate change.
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Islands from above, viewed from an airplane window.
Venice seen from the air.