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Many orange, closely-spaced gates form an archway along a path.
A path up Mt. Inari. The vermilion gates that frame the paths up the mountain are said to number over 10,000.
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Stone steps lead up to a single, decorative, orange gate.
A Shinto shrine, Mt. Inari.
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A small footbridge through a wooded area, with a orange, decorative gate at the end.
A bridge on the path up Mt. Inari.
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Steps leading up to a vibrant Japanese shrine, surrounded by tourists.
Fushimi Inari Taisha—the main Shinto shrine that sits at the base of Mt. Inari.
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A wet road at night reflects the lights of cars and the surrounding buildings. A bright tower in the distance dominates the skyline.
Kyoto Tower.
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Tourists, and women in traditional Japanese clothing, walking down a cozy street in the evening. The street is lined with small restaurants and lanterns.
An alley in Gion.
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A long, wide, outdoor flight of stairs is lit up with thousands of coloured lights. The lights create an image of cartoon characters.
The steps at Kyoto Station act as a giant screen, with moving cartoon characters and music.
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