New York
United States,

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New York’s many skyscrapers, viewed from the top of a tall, nearby building.
Midtown Manhattan.
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A panoramic view of New York’s buildings, with the Hudson river in the background.
Manhattan and the Hudson River.
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A panoramic view of Central Park and its surrounding buildings.
Central Park from the Rockefeller Center’s “Top of the Rock”.
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A lake in Central Park, viewed from a small bridge. Skyscrapers can be seen in the background.
The Lake, Central Park.
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A fountain full of plants in the square of a built-up area.
Jacob Mould Fountain.
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A panoramic view of Brooklyn Bridge just before sunset, with Brooklyn visible in the distance.
Brooklyn Bridge, leading to Brooklyn.
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Oncoming traffic illuminates a three-lane carriageway on Brooklyn Bridge at dusk, with Manhattan’s skyscrapers in the background.
Lower Manhattan, viewed from Brooklyn Bridge.
New York at night, viewed from above.
View downtown of Manhattan from the Empire State Building.
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Skyscrapers in New York, lit up at night time.
Looking towards Upper Manhattan from the Empire State Building.
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A swarm of yellow taxis pass through Times Square; adverts on bright screens shine down on them.
Times Square.
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Traffic passes in front of Grand Central Terminal—a grand train station with stone pillars.
Grand Central Terminal.
The bronze Charging Bull statue on Wall Street.
Charging Bull, Wall Street.
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The Statue of Liberty viewed from a boat. It sits on a small island, with the skyscrapers of Manhattan visible in the distance.
The Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.